Sunday, October 7, 2007

Here It Is

Sometimes, when I ask for something, the person giving me the item says, "Here is it," which is incorrect. The error lies in interchanging the positions of "is" and "it." Since the subject of the sentence is represented by the pronoun "it," it should be placed before the verb "is." So, the correct form is "Here it is."

Consider this dialogue:

Prixie: "Can I have this blouse in my size, please?"
Saleslady: "Here it is."

Have a nice Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa. Kapag magcomment pala ako galing dito, Polish din ang instructions. Wengk. Hi Prex! May tanong ako. Bakit kapag tinatanong tayo kung saan tayo galing, dapat "The Philippines" ang sagot? Anong meron sa Pilipinas at kailangan ng The? Dahil ba The Philippine Islands? May iba rin namang bansang kelangan may The, tulad ng The Netherlands... so nagtaka ako kung bakit nagkaka-The ang ibang bansa. May idea ka? English-related nga ba ang tanong ko? Hehehe. - Pat