Sunday, December 23, 2007


As much as I hear people misusing "to," I hear them misusing the preposition "for" as well. Now, like "to," "for" has many uses but I will blog about them one at a time.

One use of "for" has something to do with time. We use it to show a certain period of time or how long something will last. So, we say,

We will wait for you for five minutes and then we will leave.
My love affair with him lasted for two years.
I was abroad for two weeks.

However, we don't use "for" before "all" or "whole." It's NOT, "It was sunny for all day." Neither do we use "for" with "forever:" "I will love you forever."

In informal English, though, "for" can be taken out: "I've been waiting an hour for her!" Or, "The intermission will last five minutes."

Christmas here in the Philippines lasts for months! Happy Holidays!

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