Thursday, September 13, 2007

Focus on Pronunciation: "The"

Ooops! I'm posting this again. My friend Noel pointed out that I made a mistake with the files I uploaded. Sorry!

The date and time on my blog are acting weird again. For the record, it's Thursday, September 13 here in Manila. I do post everyday, despite what the date and time show.

Kaye left a question for me the other day. She wants to know the correct pronunciation of the. The has two pronunciations depending on whether it precedes a vowel or a consonant. If it precedes a vowel, it's pronounced like this. If it's before a consonant, this is what it sounds like.

Often, Filipinos pronounce the with a "D" sound, as in "da" or "di." Both are incorrect. Even worse, others just say "di" all the time which does not show the difference between the sounds before consonants or vowels. The "d" sound for the is also incorrect. Always use the proper "th" sound.

Listen to the difference in the pronunciation here and in a short sentence.

Kaye, I hope I was able to answer your question and thanks for reading. Everyone, keep the questions coming!

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lani said...

hi, i'd like to help out on your prob regarding the date and time. When you create a new post, click "Post options" and you may change the date and time of your post. :D Love your blog, I hope you could post more examples for some topics. Thanks!