Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Come with us!" Or did you mean, "Go with us?"

My cousin Gene from Connecticut asked me about the difference between "come with us" and "go with us." I know that both are used interchangeably but he wanted to know which was more correct. I did some reading on this and this is how I understand the difference between the two:

"Come" obviously means "to go to a certain point." The expression, "come with" seems to indicate moving toward the destination point with someone leading the way. So, if you want to talk about going to a place and inviting someone to go with you, then, "come with me" or "come with us" is more correct.

"Go" means something similar, which is "to move to a certain place." However, according to some Internet sources, it seems that the expression "go with" is informal speech for dating--"I'm going with..." or deciding on something--"I'm going with that color."

There's also the expression, "go away from me," which uses "go" to mean "move away."

Now, both "come" and "go" have many meanings. Some of them are colloquialisms already, such as the more vulgar use of "come." Their definitions may change depending on what is being talked about.

As to cousin Gene's question, I think the more proper is "come with us."

If you've got any questions for me, do let me know! Thanks to Kat who said that she learns a lot from my blog.



Hustino said...

Here is an update of what i have posted earlier:

This is the part where I, justin will interrupt and make a fool out of myself by posting a comment which is entirely for the purpose of learning something. I will now construct a few sentences using all the words that you, ate prexi have posted.

So, here it goes...

Sentence no.1 August 10,2007:

"On behalf of" everybody here at home who wants to learn, I would like to say hello to you readers of this blog, i would also like to invite everybody to join this online english lesson to have a better grasp of the language, so "come with us" in our journey through knowledge. Since I don't have any purpose whatsoever of ruining your day any further,I will now keep quiet "for a while", so that i could "cope with" learning new things.

---the end---


o yan ate prexi, as i promised, i posted my ridiculous sentence hahah...

Anonymous said...

hi prexi
i am alex
your blog is really interesting...
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