Monday, August 13, 2007


I've often encountered Filipinos using the expression "discuss about" for the simpler (and correct) "discuss." Consider this sample: "I was asked to discuss about my family's vacation" as opposed to "I was asked to discuss my family's vacation." The second example uses "discuss" correctly. Why is this? The word "discuss" means to "talk about" or "explain" or "examine." As such, it already assumes that the subject will be talked about. Therefore, to add "about" is redundant.

Simplify your lives! Just discuss them!

Thanks to Tatz, for her/his encouraging comment. Wherever you are, I am glad I can help you. If there's a particular English question you want me to deal with, just let me know via the "comments" section.

Thank you for reading, everyone!


Quincy John said...

waa! ha3
Definitely true ate.

Thanks for the eye-opener.

I plead guilty about it. I seldom used "discuss about" rather than simply "discuss" on my recitations and also on my write ups.

btw, I just discovered your blog through YM.

jaki said...

hi, i wish i had an english teacher like you back in high school. now, while reading your posts, it seems as if i have to re-learn particular, the proper usages of those commonly used verbs. thanks.