Tuesday, August 28, 2007

English Pronunciation: I'd Like to See the Menu

This is my second post on pronunciation. I've been checking out various file hosting sites so again, please be patient if the pronunciation files don't load right away. I'm currently using zshare and it's a bit slow. Also, it takes a while before the volume of the audio file gets loud enough to be heard. If anyone knows of a good file sharing website, please let me know.

It seems that many Filipinos mispronounce the word menu. Often, I hear people pronouncing it as meNOO. This is incorrect. The correct pronunciation is MENyu.

I think meNOO is the Filipino way of pronouncing an English word and we use this when we're speaking in Filipino or Tagalog, as in "pakita nga nung meNOO." The problem occurs when we speak English and we still use the Filipino pronunciation. Just remember, when you're speaking in English, say "I'd like to see the MENyu, please."


jaki said...

you may try 4shared.com

kikiam said...

I suggest that you try imeem.com. Here, users can stream audio ala YouTube.

Great blog, by the way. Keep up the good work!