Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stop Teasing Me!

I'm posting early again. I have a busy day tomorrow.

When Pinoy friends tease other friends about falling in love or liking someone, they say "I'll tease you to him!" I suppose this expression came about because of the meaning of the word "to" which carries with it connotations of "moving toward" or "going toward." It's kind of like going toward the person you love. However, one of my very first English teachers told me when I was eleven years old that the correct expression is actually "I will tease you about him." It's a lesson that I've remembered all these years.

"I will tease you about him" does sound more correct. The word "about," after all, can mean "relating to something" (It's about my favorite song). So, if you get teased about a guy/girl, it means that your friends want you to "relate" to him/her.

Enjoy your Friday!

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Anonymous said...

i like your blog.
i want to be a successful english writer someday.
i think you're better than my english teacher. hahaha
i want to ask you something.can you tell me when to use about and for? which is right sorry for or sorry about?
thank you so much...
i am luisa...4th year high school student...