Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Walking!

Here's another English grammar issue: sometimes, people commit this mistake: "I walking to work." In this instance, the mistake lies in the missing word am. The correct form is "I am walking to work."

I understand why this grammar can be confusing. It is correct to say, after all, "I walk to work everyday." What's the difference between the two sentences? If you say "I walk to work everyday," you're giving a general fact: you do walk to work everyday. Whether you're walking at the moment is irrelevant. Consider the following dialogue:

Friend: "How do you go to work?"
Me: "I walk to work everyday."
Friend: "Really? That's great. I need to drive to work."

Compare that with this example:

Mom: "Are you leaving now?"
Me: "Yes, I am walking to work now."

In the second example, the speaker is talking about a current action. Hence, the use of "I am walking." If you want a short cut, you can say "I'm walking." Grammar likes to walk all over us sometimes.

Why not take a walk today? It's good for you.

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