Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuck In!

The power is still unstable here so I'm posting my entry for tomorrow right now, just in case we lose power again.

Most people use the expression "tuck in" to talk about securing a shirt or blouse into a pair of pants. But I just discovered that the expression can also mean "eating a lot." Here's an example: "We had dinner at a hotel and I tucked in the entire dessert menu!" When you say a person tucked in food, you mean that he/she ate with gluttonous abandon (this was often used in the Harry Potter books).

I think that both expressions came about because the verb "tuck" means "to secure," whether by folding, or confining items into a safe spot (tucked in my bag), or keeping a person warm and snug (tuck her in, please). When it comes to eating a lot, perhaps it's because the voracious eater will keep a lot of food safe in his/her belly.

Now, there is no such thing as to "tuck out." Pinoys tend to use this, especially when describing how a shirt will be worn--"I'm wearing it tucked out." It's an honest mistake. It does seem to be the opposite of "tuck in;" however, based on the meaning of the word "tuck," "tuck out" is clearly illogical. Instead of "tuck out," try "my shirt will hang loose" or "I'll wear my blouse untucked today."

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thanks for tucking that information in.